Monday, May 31, 2010

flight plans

I have been looking at airfare deals lately. Together with a bunch of friends, I'm considering going to Singapore or Macau this July or August. There was a sale of tickets to Macau by Cebu Pacific, and to Singapore by PAL, during the weekend, but strangely I didn't have enough enthusiasm to book a flight. Maybe I'm too excited for the arrival of my brother and his family to the country next week. I miss them so much, I haven't seen them for two years.

Anyway, the plan of going back to South Korea on October looks bleak because of the northern half throwing temper tantrums. I hope the situation doesn't go worse. It would be a waste of life and resources for stupid politics. I don't know about the North, but the South is too beautiful to be damaged due to conflict. I long to visit Seoul and Busan again.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

ain't it hot?

It's June in an hour, but the Summer heat has not yet relented. We have experienced heavy rains last Friday, and some rain this afternoon, but it was as if those were just temporary relief from the torture of El Nino.

And in an unpleasant coincidence, my air-conditioner has not been working properly. All it could give was medium cool - I'm suspecting a problem with its compressor, but what can I say? The aircon's 8 years old.

Can't take it anymore.

When is this hot ordeal going to end? Argh!

Monday, May 3, 2010

habeedee self!

hayss. 31 na ako! :)