Monday, July 20, 2009

welcome aboard, Lil Harry!

I'm blogging using Mack's new brother, Lil Harry - a 2140 HP Mini. Bought it last Saturday with Curly and Esme at SM Annex. I wasn't very sure then about purchasing a netbook, but seeing how the HP Mini works made me decide to buy one.

Yeah, I already have Mack, why have another mobile PC? First off, I can't bring Mack and Nik-Nik together. I don't have the courage to jam them both in one bag. Secondly, Lil Harry, with its size and build (aluminum body), can happily swim with Nik-Nik in my backpack and emerge unscathed, unlike Mack who is now showing battle scars from frequent use & abuse.

And no, I'm not disposing Mack anytime soon. Should I buy a new MacBook Pro (which I plan to on December), Mack will go to my folks. :)

So far, I'm having fun using this new toy. What I like most about it, apart from the aluminum body, is its keyboard - the buttons are larger than that of a regular PC keyboard. It's very comfortable to type on it. It's MacBook look is also a bonus - hind ba jologs tignan.

And of course, hindi takaw-pansing dalhin si Lil Harry. :)