Thursday, May 21, 2009

stand still

I stand still as I watch the entire world move around me. Funny when you consider how time flies.

Like a programmed robot, I do things at work. Spinning... spinning... spinning... I watch things happen, as if I don't have any participation in anything that transpires.

Friends doing great at work. Friends having fun with their adventures. Friends finding new loves. Friends finding new friends.

On TV are news of events, diseases, political wars, actual wars, and scandals. Mostly, negative things make the lineup of news-worthy things.

I look at myself and find that I'm still the same. Just sitting here. Sometimes standing there. Sometimes running. Sometimes, too lazy to do anything useful for anyone, including myself. Sometimes trying to break out of the monotony of everyday.

Today, I opened my eyes and saw that a mountain of responsibilities have piled up before me at work again. *Sigh* There are a LOT of things to do to get my arse off the hot seat.

And then I have to think of a subject for my piece for a charity exhibit.

And take care of various matters for the family business.

And plan my out-of-the-country travel.

In the meantime...