Wednesday, June 9, 2010

freakin' hot, still

raining in June

still it's hot

freakin' city of concrete...

can't sleep well at night without airconditioning.

and I thought summer is over.

Monday, June 7, 2010

the plan

I was planning on continuing with the sorting of my documents, a.k.a. accumulated pile of garbage, tonight. That's the reason I left work today on the dot. But lo and behold, I turned on the TV and watched for a couple of hours, and then now I am stuck in front of the computer updating my Facebook account, and this blog. Way to go, self!

I now highly doubt that I'd be done with the sorting tonight. I even have to shred the unwanted papers tomorrow.

Lots of work in store, Ize. Lots of work in store. (Okay now, get your butt off the chair and start working!)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

weekend activities

My brother and his family will be coming here in Manila for a month-long visit. Their arrival date is on the 10th (Thursday of this coming week), so the household help and I are doing general cleaning here in my apartment.

Yesterday, I cleaned the bathroom. I scrubbed everything, from the tiles to the toilet bowl. I noticed the the floor grout has been worn out, so I'm thinking of replacing it. Still, I'm figuring out how I am going to do that (it would be my first time to do such a thing), or if I'm going to do it at all. If I do, and if my father sees it, it's either I'd get a praise (if it turns out good) or a good scolding.

Anyway, today, I'm cleaning up my room - which I will have to evict, for my brother and his family to occupy. I give way for them since my nephew is used to the cold weather in Illinois, and my room is the only airconditioned room in the house. It's also good that the rainy days have arrived, that I wouldn't have to suffer from the scorching temperatures while only making do with an electric fan.

I'm thinking of where I'm going to put all my garbage (aka accumulated stuff that I'm not sure if I really need to have around).

And just like any other clean-up day, I have my stereo turned up with funky music playing the whole time. Nothing's more motivating for a physical activity than funky music. :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

frequent flyer

I just booked my second flight out of the country today. Cebu Pacific announced airfare sale for trips to and from Hong Kong. I booked a trip to HK with four friends from August 21 to 23. :)

I wasn't expecting to book anything these days since yesterday's thoughts. Looking back at my March 14 post, I was looking at this HK trip as an "extra" trip, since I was really planning on going to Singapore this July. Anyway, those unplanned trips really push through. These travel buddies of mine, we were initially aiming for a trip to Singapore this July, but the airfare isn't a match for our budget, so...

Hong Kong, here we come! :) I hope we have a good time there, just as the way we had in South Korea. :)