Thursday, February 5, 2009

up and running again

I got my momentum back. At work, I mean.

Somehow, I am able to (temporarily?) put my laziness aside and focus my attention back to work. With the aid of a planner (as if blogs and MS Outlook isn't enough) that I purchased the other week, I'm tracking and planning my day-to-day activities.

The planner looks like one from Starbucks, but IMHO better - it has a nice, plain black leather cover and a page allocated to every day, which allows me to write a bunch of stuff that I plan to do, or have already done. And I tend to fill up every page. Check out Exhibit A below:

This really helps, because with the things I have to do listed, I have less time doing non-work related activities. Before, I used to freeze in thought after every accomplished task, trying to recall the next thing I'm supposed to do, which often leads me to opening Internet Explorer *grins* or one of those MS Excel trivia games.

Browsing through the pages of my planner, I get quite amazed at the volume of tasks I get to accomplish each day. I thought, "So this is being productive."

You wouldn't believe the amount of work that I have to do if only you could look at my list of objectives for the year. From the development of an in-house asset management system, to preparations for the automation of utilization of media collection, to supervising seven loony librarians... I don't think I could squeeze in play between work any longer.

But I can always try. :)

In the meantime... I'll try to get a good bunch of my objectives done at the earliest so I could take it easy towards the end of the year. And so I hope.

they all get hitched...

... which makes me wonder if it has something to do with me.

"They," meaning, the guys I have crush on.

Everytime I find a new one - a very single one - he either gets into a relationship with another girl, or gets married.

The Nose was being accused of being gay, but I liked him anyway. Months after I've known him, he got hitched with his then-preggy gee-eff.

Hugh Grant was so single when I joined the org (he was actually the reason why I joined the group), and then a few weeks later, his long-time girl-friend became his girlfriend. And then after college, he got hitched.

Josh Duhamel married Fergie. (ain't I shameless?)

And just recently, I've learned that my newest crush, whom I call "The Hair of Aragorn," is getting married on March in the beautiful Tagaytay. :(

It's kind of a
Goodluck Chuck situation I'm having here. *sigh*