Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the heat and the question that made my mind itch

Probably, staying at the back seat of an fx taxi that's running under the noontime sun isn't a very good idea these days - even though you're in a tight budget and in a hurry to get to your destination and the almost-full AUV is your last option for a ride.

I could feel the sweat popping from my skin pores, especially on my forehead. I felt like siomai cooking in a steamer, and the chef doesn't want to remove me from the heat just yet. Even my palms were covered with sweat - they looked like I've dunked my hands in a bucket of water or something. Really.

The excessive heat was enough to drive anyone crazy... I felt like bursting out from the fx, that is an oven on wheels. However what awaits me then, outside, is the scorching sun. And fumes from vehicles running along the avenue.

What took my mind away from my ordeal was the conversation between my fellow passengers...

Nursing student 1: Target ko, makarating sa Ireland. After graduation, lalakarin ko na papers ko.

Nursing student 2: Buti ka pa may plano na. Anyway, 'yung tita ko, gusto naman akong isama sa New Zealand. Malapit ba 'yun sa Ireland?

Nursing student 1: Hindi ko alam e.

I sooo wanted to answer that question for their sake. Really. But they would be embarrassed. But then again, they should not repeat that conversation elsewhere if they want to be respected. But then again, that's none of my business.

If it was the location of Patagonia they were wondering about, I would've understood. But New Zealand? And I thought the Lord of the Rings saga has already made the country very famous.

A couple of minutes later, I still felt like I wanted to answer that question. And so I turned my attention to the scorching heat. And then I got off at my stop.

Hours later, at the office, I still couldn't stop thinking about that question. I should have butted in their conversation.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

feel da heat!

Gosh! It's summer already?! T'was like just the other week, we're all chilling to our bones because of the weather. And now everyone seems to be desperate for an ice-cold drink after spending a few second under the scorching sun.

Imagine that tall glass - soda inside, swimming in cubes of ice, fizzing - dripping with dots of condensation.

It's crazy. My electric fan is close to no use - it's merely circulating warm air. I fall asleep and wake up floating in a pool of my own sweat. And since it's the season of recession, I just can't turn that airconditioner on. *sigh*

These days you just wanna... look at that.

The beach calls, doesn't it?

Don't you just want to pack up, hit the road and get to the nearest beach so you can swim on something like that?

Those are my 2007 photos of Patar Beach in Bolinao, by the way. A beach so wonderful, and yet so far (8 hours from Manila).